Specialization Among Other Health Care Professionals Essay

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SPECIALIZATION AMONG OTHER HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS: When we say that medical specialization is an outgrowth of scientific discovery, entrepreneurial practice as well as technological development, nursing specialization was also a recent response to this system of specialized medicine (Palmeiere 1981). This leads us to the discourses on how to tap the expertise of these specialized nurses into rendering services in remote and underserved areas in a country. There are numerous examples of how family nurse practitioners have bridged the gaps in the generalist physician shortages in many parts of USA. And hence in places like India it is high time we explore such possibilities where they can be incorporated into the health care team especially in primary and secondary levels. In the BRICS countries and specifically in Brazil and South Africa, nurses are the first-point-of-contact and back bone of primary care in the healthcare system. Such possibilities should be explored in countries like India as well. Similarly we can see that there are other areas within the context of health sciences that is moving towards the trend towards specialization, for instance, medical social work. Trend of specialization has pervaded into the field of pharmaceutical sciences and other health disciplines such as dentistry, physiotherapy etc. However, looking at the larger picture, similar to the field of medicine some of the challenges of specialization in other health care professions include
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