Specialized Care Management Essay

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Washington, DC was among the first metropolitan areas to be affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. According to recent data from the D.C. Department of Health’s HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD, and Tuberculosis Administration (HAHSTA), the total number of District residents living with the HIV disease was 14,465. This accounts for approximately 2.7 % of the population 13 years of age and older.
To combat this disease, AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia offers specialized care management to the newly diagnosed, and those who have fallen out of care. At AmeriHealth Caritas DC, we are making great strides within our HIV/AIDS component (Positive Pathways). Specialized care management is an essential part of the program. The program enrolls members that are HIV positive. Positive Pathways community health outreach workers provide specialized care management to our members for a year to ensure they are going to the doctors and taking their medication. More specifically, our members are linked to care, and provided with resources.
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Many of our HIV positive members are stigmatized; what’s more, many of them have to deal with denial and fear. Positive Pathways community outreach workers use their life experiences and stories to gain the members’ trust and help to “break down walls.” Our dedicated workers commonly babysit members’ children in the doctor’s office to allow the member to focus on his/her visit. Members are educated on how to take and understand their drug regimens. In fact, they are taught how to read their prescription and labs. Even more, we teach Positive Pathways members how to navigate the healthcare system. Ronette Moton, Community Outreach Worker, says “we will go with them to the doctors and sit in if they
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