Speciation In New Species

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habit. But the biggest change to Drosophilia behavior would their two host interaction creation a reproductive behavior, leading to immune related incompatibilities by symbiosis.
Taking symbiosis into action, when two species works together and have an influence on each other that could lead to morphological, molecular changes. This is when speciation is seen in a different light, and a solid proof of why organisms cannot be fixed. Bacteria has the ability to alter the gene loci creating a reproductive barrier, the genetic changes leads to negative epistasis change, making the daughter hybrid inviable. When and alteration as such is possible to influence a species it’s a little questionable to think that species is fixed. Symbiotic interaction can physically alter the organ making the host look different from the parents or change their behavioral patterns creating a behavioral isolation, like release difference pheromones. Sexual selection then
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A genomic Island is a nucleotide that has a vast change, and it causes a great mutation. Organisms with mutation of such, when put into similar ecological locations, show different speciation when natural selection acts on it, this is Mutation-order speciation. The population size between the original and the new species formed may fluctuate but this is contradicting to the statement because a small change created a different species. Today is species fixed? Yes, we are not going to mate with chimpanzee! But the process that got us here couldn’t have happened if species were fixed. Every mutation, isolation random drift, ecological segregation leading to gene flow and then natural selection, sexual selection acting on the species, worked in order for speciation to occur. Compressing all of these mechanisms as fixed is unfitting but accepting the fact that were fixed right now is not, but are we fixed forever? I don’t think
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