Specific Concern:. Women Who Have Experienced The Trauma

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Specific Concern: Women who have experienced the trauma of domestic violence and have disorders such as PTSD, general anxiety disorder, battered women syndrome (BWS), depressive disorders, and dissociation. Name of Program Transformation Healing Empowerment Sailing Program (THESP) Mission and Vision TESP is a program developed for healing, transformation and empowering women of domestic violence (DV). This program is designed for those who have been stuck in the pattern of domestic abuse violence of all forms. Forms of domestic abuse include physical, emotional, sexual, mental and/or spiritual abuse. Healing is capable through the interactive experience of constant interaction, communication, trust and teamwork within a group. While…show more content…
A strong partnership between advocates and survivors of domestic abuse demonstrates and decrease in symptoms of PTSD and depression when the victim’s gains increased feelings of empowerment and safety (DiGiovanni, Fauci, Goodman, Sullivan & Wilson, 2016). DiGiovanni et al., (2016), indicates there is an important aspect of recovery and empowerment in the psychotherapeutic bond and relationship between the counselor and client. A program that allows an extended length of time to establish trust between the counselor and client will go a long way towards establishing a sense of power and control over one’s circumstances (DiGiovanni et al., 2016). If wilderness therapy can benefit teens and those with substance abuse disorders, why couldn’t it benefit women who are victims of domestic violence? I think the wilderness of the ocean could be therapeutic. Overcoming obstacles in a natural setting, can aid women in overcoming and halting the cycle of domestic violence as well as the healing process. The Mary Kay Foundation has backed and supported domestic violence departments across the country by offering financial funding to assist building nature explore classrooms in DV shelters McKain, 2011). By incorporating natural areas within the shelters, McKain (2011) suggests a healing setting is created for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Establishing a natural environment that promotes peace, harmony and healing aids in the recovery of
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