Specific Crimes

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In the United States Criminal Law the term "intent" refers to the defendant's mindset at the time of committing the crime. Crimes are listed according to the intent that the defendant choose to proceed. For instances, the two basic types of intent crimes are specific intent and general intent. Having specific intent is when the defendant meant the act and the outcome. General intent is when the defendant meant the act but not the outcome. Mens rea, is known as the guilty mind. Mens rea is an important concept in criminal law because when a crime is committed, a person’s mental state is considered. Therefore, the defendant's mental state plays a role in whether or not he can be convicted of a particular crime. Criminal intent is one of the reasons for…show more content…
For example, in a case of 1st degree murder PC190(a), murderers must have specific intent of ending someone's life. As a prosecutor they must prove to the jury the defendant unlawfully killed a human being, or fetus with malice aforethought. Note, this does not apply to abortions, child labor, or the risk of harming the mother's life. Types of specific crimes consist of; 1st degree murder, assault (attempted battery) burglary robbery, larceny and embezzlement.
In comparison, battery is a good example of a general intent crime. For a prosecutor when proving battery they do not need to prove the defendant intentionally committed the battery by the unlawful contact towards someone. But, they may be held liable for the battery even though they did not intend to physically touch the person. The intent element is satisfied if the defendant intends to cause physical contact and causes it.
For example, Juliet punches Cezar in the eye after Cezar calls her an “idiot,” she has committed a battery. Although what the prosecution has to show is that Juliet intentionally punched Cezar. The prosecutor does not need to show she intended to harm him because the judge will already know. Types of general crimes consist of; assault, battery, rape, kidnapping and
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