Specific Learning Disorder

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Chapter thirteen had an discussion on specific learning disorder that stood out to me because I had never heard of this specific disorder before and how it affects millions of students between the aged of three and twenty-one. The diagnosis of specific learning disorder particularly stood out to me and left me wanting to learn more about the disorder and diagnosis topics. This is why I chose this particular website article.

The summary of the article I chose,

Specific learning disorder is a developmental disorder that involves ongoing problems with learning key academic skills, including reading, math, and writing that is not connected with a lack of instruction or poor instruction. Often, skills such as reading of single words, reading
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Those with a severe form of specific learning disorder have severe difficulties with learning which affect several areas academically that requires ongoing intensive specialized teaching. I found it very thought-provoking how specific learning disorder is more common among males and that approximately one-third of all people who have specific learning disorder have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder as well. If specific learning disorder is left untreated, it is possible the disorder can cause problems through the persons life. These problems can include many things such as higher psychological distress, lower self-esteem, and poor overall mental health. This makes earlier diagnosis very important in order to start treatment. In order for a person with specific learning disorder to be diagnosed they need to have difficulties in one or more areas such as difficulty understanding the meaning of what is read, difficulty reading, difficulty with written expression, difficulty with spelling, difficulty understanding number concepts, number facts or calculation, and difficulty understanding mathematical reasoning. These symptoms also need to have had continued for a minimum of six months despite receiving help
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