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Case Study- Director’s Request for PCs using MS Word Table, MS Access, and MS PowerPoint

Case Study – Using MS Office 2010

Please use the document “Case Study – Director’s Requirements” for each of the parts described below.

Part 1: Specifications Table (MS Word)

For the case study provided to you, create MS Word tables that identify and contain the hardware and software requirements to meet the director's requirements. The MS Word document in its final form will include 5 MS Word tables. It will conclude with a two-paragraph narrative summary that classifies the user type and identifies the PC category(ies) that will be recommended.

Students are expected to conduct external research to adequately address all aspects of
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| | |
| | | |
|Storage Devices – External (including portable) storage devices | | |
|and show which specific user requirements are met. | | |
| | | |
|Other Peripheral Devices – Identify each type and show which | | |
|specific user requirements are met. | | |
|Create a table that shows the various required system unit |3.0 |The table must be labeled “System Unit Features.” |
|features. The table should have all the necessary columns, rows,| | |
|and column headings to show the following: | | |
|Processor – Include type and

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