Spectral Band Replication in Audio Coding

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Spectral Band Replication (SBR) is a novel audio spectrum recovery technology, it can greatly improve the efficiency of perceptual audio coding compression, and thus more suitable for streaming media applications with limited bandwidth. It will be widely used in the world of digital broadcasting, the third generation mobile communications, multimedia downloads, video-on-demand and other services. SBR use parametric coding technique that involves complex algorithms; simply take a long time by the hardware circuit design. And this design cannot keep up with the constant development of audio standards. In other words: When a new standard integration into the decoder, it takes a long time to complete the new circuit design, the original method will no longer have a market value. Be achieved only using the software in power consumption and cost requirements are higher for portable applications with limited competition. With the increasing complexity and diversity of multimedia signal processing requirements, hardware and software co-design concept has been widely applied to the actual design. The two main reasons why Spectral Band Replication can fit our needs are: First, SBR is capable of reproducing the high frequency band by using the correlation information which transmitted along with the low frequency band. Therefore, we can save the bits which were reserved for coding high frequency band without actually lost the high frequency signal. Second, it is more

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