Spectrum Analysis

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After two albums launched in two years, and another project coming soon, Malik looks to be an unstoppable creative force in the Austin scene.

With his new project, titled Spectrum, Malik is aspiring to forge a new, more vulnerable, and more honest version of himself. “This project is about me celebrating being secure in myself,” he says, “talking about things I’ve been afraid to talk about.”


Spectrum is series of singles, a “demo” project, in which each song correlates to a specific color of the spectrum. He got the idea for Spectrum after driving home one evening and seeing the colors of the sunset. It moved him in that moment – so he quickly wrote down his idea to plan music around it. He saw in the different colors of the sunset
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“I’m scared of being boxed in as one type of artist," he says defiantly.

Beyond genre-bending, Malik also began to sing more in Spectrum, something he has shied away from in his past projects. "I’ve run from singing. I love to... but I had to prove to people I could rap." But to him, singing is a core aspect of who he is as an artist - a way to get his message across in a way that is more poetic and abstract than rapping, which he feels is more blunt and direct. "When I'm rapping it's like I'm having a conversation with you," he says; "Singing is about painting a more surreal picture of what I'm going through."

While music is Malik's main focus right now, it is definitely not his only one. "I've always seen music as... where I get my foot in the door to be able to do everything else I want to do." Inspired by creatives and moguls like Kanye West, Childish Gambino, and Tyler, the Creator, all of whom have successfully branched out into multiple fields of creation, Malik sees music as only one part of his multifaceted identity, and just one of his many
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Although only 20 years old, Malik has already established himself as one of the foremost creative musicians in Austin. The trajectory he has set himself on with these two albums has led him to making what he believes are his most expressive and creative works yet with Spectrum. Eliminating all pretense from his and preconceived notions about what he should create with Spectrum, Malik let his mind wander wherever it wanted to go. “I feel like I’ve been tense for a long time, but with this [project] it's like... I'm tired. I'm done. I'm just gonna let
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