Spectrum Is a Limied and Valuable Resource Essay

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Spectrum is a limited and valuable resource. The escalating requirement for wireless communication and broadband services has augmented the attempts to improve the designs for wireless systems. These enhanced wireless systems offer substantial increase in data throughput and link range without the requirement of any additional bandwidth. This led to the development of MIMO Systems. In Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology, multiple antennas are used at both the transmitter and receiver to improve the functioning of the wireless communication system. We accomplish this objective by exploiting the spatial domain of the transmission medium.
In this chapter, we describe the MIMO system model along with a brief discussion of its operation principle is detail in section 3.2. In Section 3.3, we have discussed MIMO channel models, and the basic parameters influencing the MIMO system design. Narrowband and wideband MIMO channels which are part of this thesis are also discussed in this section only. Section 3.4 enumerates spatial correlation, an impairment specific to MIMO systems worth considering while designing MIMO systems.
3.2 MIMO Communication Model:
Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology is the foundation of new-age wireless communication systems due to the budding data rate and improved performance of wireless links. These qualities are offered due to the transmission diversity. The transmitting antennas and the receiving antennas are linked such that…

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