Speculation Of Food Trends At Restaurants Aren 't Just Selected At Random Essay

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Speculation of Food Trends
John Fenech
Washtenaw Community College

As a food enthusiast as well as being a part of the food industry, I value predictions. The menus we see at restaurants aren’t just selected at random. What we’re looking at is a collection of extensive data. Some elements that may affect these results, mentioned by Szuch (2015) in The Daily Illini article “How companies cook up food trends,” include the following: family satisfaction, health and nutrition, and sustainability when purchasing groceries.
The Life Cycle of a Trend
You may be asking yourself how exactly a trend is formed. There 's a sequence of events that a food must go through to earn its mainstream status. From personal experience, I’ve witnessed the chili sauce, known as Sriracha, travel through this trend cycle. If you 're unfamiliar with this topping it’s a chili sauce. It’s made from a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. Its ingredients may seem unflattering, however, if you mention the name Sriracha in a crowded lunchroom, mouths begin to salivate. A majority of my past summers were spent backpacking in Utah’s National Parks. It was there that I first ever heard the name Sriracha. It turned out to be a topping that the staff members used regularly. Upon returning I noticed that Sriracha was being advertised on a variety of social media outlets. Within weeks I noticed that local restaurants as well as food chains added the

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