Speculative Desires and an Unchanging Western Hostility

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The article “US Policy Toward Political Islam” by Stephen Zunes is a thoroughly researched topic. His depictions of a greedy, judgmental America are accurate and to the point. While there is a good chunk of useful suggestions that may have created less hostility from our Eastern counterparts, it is not logical or possible to say that following these sanctions out would have changed the outcome of the last ten years. What can be said of these ideas, is that following a more honest approach to politics through US policies would have given America a much needed transparency. Many of the extremist groups are founded on the hatred of American downfalls such as our tendency to overtake their lands by military force in order to exploit the lands…show more content…
This has led to the extremist groups attack of American policies and ideals. While it was necessary for our involvement in the first World War, it is not necessary now. The Palestinians living in East Jerusalem are living in horrible conditions at the hands of their Israeli oppressors. In this case, not taking a stand would at the very least strain our relationship with Israel, but improve our relations with Islamic countries of the Middle East. While there are a host of options laid out by Zunes in his article to directly affect our policies abroad, we must consider teaching tolerance at home. Children should be required to attend ethnicity/cultural sensitivity courses in elementary school. Colleges should require all freshman to take a more advanced study of global cultures. These classes would expose the world’s top religions, compare them with our American values, and explain why different is not bad. If schools took a more direct approach to prejudices and just plain wrong information, as nation, we could create children devoid of ignorant opinions. Perhaps had this course been taken years ago, Miss. Teen USA could have answered the question regarding why American children cannot read maps. While it is impossible to create a completely aware and culturally sensitive generation, we can eliminate a huge amount of misplaced ill will towards those who come from different cultures and religions. It is possible to make the outcomes possibilities, but we will never

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