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Nicole Grabowski January 25, 2012 Case study Kim Young Wednesday at 3:30 Should I Take Juanita Pope? 1) Juanita fits the definition of children “at risk” because she was not brought up in a good family home. Her mother held her back from school and never motivated her. She never sent her to pre-school and Juanita did not attend kindergarten until she was 6 years and 9 months old. I do not think that Juanita was born or had a disability. However, I do think that she is very unmotivated and will continue to be this way until she gets the help that she needs, and maybe special programs at school is not enough support. 2) I see that some requirements were made from the IDEA by Juanita’s school system. They offered Juanita…show more content…
The central issue in role definitions and expectations of the regular classroom teachers and Isabelle are that regular classrooms are not individually focused while Isabelle is. Regular classrooms demand for good grades while Isabelle tried to focus more so on improvement and understanding. 4) Isabelle could have tried to work with the general teachers to try and help Juanita make a successful transition into regular classes. She could have informed the teachers what areas Juanita needed the most help and support with and how to treat her when she acts out or shows no interest. She could have done follow up on her own with the teachers or just Juanita alone. She could have also taken some spare time to sit in Juanita’s class and observe her behaviors. Isabelle also could have offered some special support and guidance to Juanita and informed her guardian how things have been at school. Isabelle should have also tried to stop the problems that Juanita was facing in general classes. 5) Aspects of this case involve multicultural issues because Juanita was complaining that all of her teachers where Caucasian. Juanita claimed that she wanted an African American teacher to teach her and because it would allow her to catch her attention better. Isabelle wondered if that would help Isabelle solve her problem. However, I feel that Juanita is just not motivated and come up with excuses about every situation that she does not want to be involved.

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