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Good morning everyone. Good morning Herr Mahrer. Thank you Rudolf, for inviting me to take part in such an exciting event. It has become cliché to harp on the "just get started" mantra, as if it is easy to start a successful business. But getting started is hard. Developing an idea, building a diverse team, creating that first prototype all take knowledge, patience, and dedication. That is why events like Entrepreneurship Avenue are so valuable. You have a great advantage over other would-be entrepreneurs; over the course of the last two months you have had the opportunity to learn how startups work, refine your ideas, and meet teams of people who will help you bring your product to market. Today, we are here today to celebrate…show more content…
I am fascinated by startups. I have been involved in hundreds of projects, and I will be involved in hundreds more. But you might wonder why government cares about entrepreneurship. If you don’t know, I think you should realize that being an entrepreneur is one of the best things you can do; not only for yourself, but for society. As entrepreneurs you will create wealth, not just shift it around. You will create jobs where there were none before. The products and services you bring to market will better the lives of your customers; it may even save their lives. In any case, the technology and hardware you produce will be a building block for the success of others. Jobs, income, health, research and development, those are things that government cares quite a bit about. Let’s consider the wheel as an innovation that dramatically changed society. The wheel is clearly one of the greatest inventions of all time, and while there are debates about its origin, what is not debated is the fact that the wheel was invented late in human history. After agriculture, after governance, and even after complex musical instruments like the harp; it wasn’t until the Bronze Age that the wheel was invented. This is mostly because the difficulty of carving and polishing precise parts and smooth surfaces required other technologies, such as metallurgy. So it took generations of people to build the tools and develop the foundation necessary for the invention of something as simple as
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