Speech : A Speech Disorder Essay

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Over the history of our world, speech impediments affect many different people. Most of the time, individuals do not even realize the person they are speaking with has a speech disorder. This disorder even impacts icons including Greek philosopher Aristotle, physicist Isaac Newton, singer Elvis Presley, golfer Tiger Woods and actor Bruce Willis. However, one story that stands out involves Kind George VI of England. In his early childhood the prince acquired a stammer; now known mostly as a stutter. He went to a speech therapist, on a regular basis, who taught him how to use the muscles in his mouth to correct his stutter. His therapist also dove into psychological reason that explained why most of his concerns included talking to important people. After some time of seeing his doctor frequently, he improved immensely on his enunciation that he could get through radio session that seemed impossible beforehand. This disorder not only affects icons, like King George, but also a vast majority of children. In the United states alone, stuttering effects five percent of all people (Braunstein). This does not include other speech impediments like lisps and apraxia. Although the exact cause of speech impediments is unknown, studies proves that the disorders can come from genetics, neurological problems, or even psychological like King George. There are also a lot of different way to help correct speech impediments. Nevertheless, the best path for patients to take includea seeing a
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