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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It's my great honor to be here today to present my speech. Before I start my speech I'd like to ask you a question. If you had a chance to travel around the world, what would you take with you? Maybe many of you would choose money, credit card, parents, boyfriend or girlfriend. But my answer is shoes, a pair of shoes that fits me well. Maybe to you, a pair of shoes is the last thing you would choose to take, but can you imagine the picture that we walk or run without shoes? I believe none of you here is barefooted while listening to my speech. Then it's doubtless that shoes are really essential and thus shoes are greatest invention in my eyes. Maybe the greatest invention in your eyes is TV, mobile phone or…show more content…
The main function of shoes is to protect our feet from the cold, the wet and injuries. Besides, shoes have taken on a vast variety of other functions. For example, sport shoes protect us when we do bodybuilding exercises. Casual shoes provide natural comfort. Sandals can help your feet breath freely. High-heeled shoes make women straight and elegant. What's more, there are many kinds of health care shoes that can ease the pain of our feet. Shoes combine people's needs, fashion and even health care together. So please do purchase shoes of high quality. You can get what you pay for and shoes are much cheaper than doctors, aren’t they? It's obvious that shoes are made for the shielding of feet but aside from their practical function, shoes can help tell the personality, social status, values and even life styles of the person who wears them. The importance of shoes is immovable and shoes can never be replaced. We may overlook them, we may belittle their importance, but shoes will always say something about who we are, what we do, where we've been and where we're going. At last, my dear friends, let's enjoy life with our best
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