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Podcast: DJ Culture Introduction Hello, my name is Muireann McDaid and today I will be talking about DJ culture. DJ culture began in the 20th century and has grown hugely over the last decade. - Talk about the techniques used by djs - Tableturn the equipment the use - Avicii- background - Song- Wake me Up , musical borrowing when Lurgan the Irish college in Connemara did an Irish version of it Techniques used by DJ When I am in a nightclub or at a concert where a DJ is playing I have always wondered how a DJ changes from one song to another without a gap in the middle of two tracks. After my research, I have learned that there are several different techniques which allow the DJ to change from one track to another without having a silence…show more content…
Verse-1 (Primarily Country/Folk) The first verse is a mix of both the country/folk and the electropop. Chorus-1 (Country/Folk and Dance) IN the chorus there is a fusion of the country/folk and a dance style. It has a distinct rhythm which makes you want to tap your foot. The acoustic guitar along with the voice gives us the country/folk style. At the end of the chorus a synth pad is introduced, and this implies the electropop style. Verse-2 (Primarily Country/Folk) Its mostly Country/Folk Bridge (Country/Folk and Electro) Two genres fused together, both the country/folk and the electropop. The voice and the acoustic guitar are the features of the country/folk where the EQ effect is a feature of the electropop genre. At the end of this section the synth is becoming a bigger part of the song. Lurgan Version Differences between the original and the Irish version: The main difference is that the version Lurgan did on this song is in Irish. It is sung as a big group instead of just one person. (Example of both will be
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