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Lets talk about deep sea exploration.For many years scientist only wanted to see what was up.Know one wanted to see what was down.My question is why not go under water since 70% of our planet is under water.We have oceans all around us.

So the things we find underwater can vary.We could find new animals,plants and corral. Let's talk about ocean geography 50 years ago humans thought the ocean only had fish and plants. . We can actually find the mountains,and valleys we have on land.If you look in the right places you can find Mountains and valleys.Seamounts can be found in the ocean they are giant chimneys that spew water.Hydrothermal vents are in the earth that eject materials heated
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In past years ocean technology took a big leap. Now he have The Jim suit it was based off a astronaut's space suit.The Jim protected divers from deadly water preasurre and it conatins built in oxygen.In 1979 ocean scientist Sylvia Earle tested the jim suit in a rcord breaking dive.She went 1,250 feet below abd was there for 2 1/2 hours.In recent years we got into ocean travel.Filmmaker James Cameron invented the 1 man submarine call the Deepsea Challenger.The deepest submarines could go was 4 miles.James broke that record by going to the bottom of Mariana Trench.

Mr.Cameron didnt begin his love with the ocean then it goes way back.In 1989 when Filming his movie he learned that he could use cameras for his water studies.Cameron was abale to make films and advance ocen technology.

My conclusion is over year our ocean technology slowly but surely improved .Now we have camera that can drive and take pictures.There even cameras that have arms on them.Without ocean technology we would have 0% of our ocean explored .So it's important that we keep improving

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