Speech About Immigration

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Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of the Congress, my fellow Americans:

Immigration has been an ongoing issue during the history of the United States. For that reason, I want to bring the discussion to the table. Nowadays there is a war as to whether or not the country should allow foreign citizens to pursue the American dream, that is, live and work in the United States. I know there has been an increase in homeland security and even the banning of entrance to the country for citizens of the middle East. However, the real question is, would America improve its economy, social and political relationships, and the quality of life of its residents by preventing the entry of immigrants?. The president’s greatest concern is to lead a country
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It was designed by John Augustus Roebling, who was born in Berlin, Germany and after immigrating to Pennsylvania became a pioneer in the design of steel suspension bridges in the United States. Unfortunately, he was fatally injured and died during the construction. Likewise, 28 year-old Kayvon Beykpour, is the creator and developer of the largest live-streaming app for iOS and Android that has more than 10 million accounts from users all over the globe. Beykpour, a Stanford graduate who is the son of Irani immigrants was born in San Francisco and majored in computer science engineering. When telling the story about what inspired him to create the app he recalled the hard work of both of his parents when they arrived to the United States. Nowadays, he is the CEO of the company and it is affiliated with other social networks such as Twitter. The cases above, are just simple examples of how our country is influenced by the presence of immigrants. I am not saying we do not posses bright native minds in America, but the establishing of cultures from all over the world is what makes America unique and different from other countries. We are a multicultural society, therefore, instead of creating division and strife that leads to discrimination, the government should take care and measure the long-term consequences of allowing immigrants to use their desire to work and ameliorate their lives and the new place they would call
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