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Kombucha - The Wonderdrink That Increases Lifespan

Ever tried kombucha? This delicious tea is available in most cafes and health stores. Known as mushroom tea or the immortal elixir of life, it has been around for over 2,000 years. Yet, it only recently became popular in America. Made from sugar and black tea, kombucha offers a myriad of benefits. From improved digestion to pain relief and immune support, it can boost your health on every level.

Let's see how it works and why it's good for you!

Kombucha: Magic Elixir or Just Fancy Tea?

This refreshing fermented beverage is ideal for the hot summer days. It quenches your thirst, boosts your energy, and promotes weight loss. Once mostly a product of hippies' kitchens, it's now available
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Alternative medicine practitioners claim that it also improves sleep and prevent cancer. This fizzy drink has been around since 220 BC, so it's not just a fad. Today, it's marketed as a health elixir that has the power to rejuvenate, regenerate, and revitalize the body.

Is Kombucha Really Good for You?

This fermented tea has been long studied for its healing properties. Rich in glucuronic acid (GA), it helps flush out toxins and fights oxidative damage. It also prevents your cells and tissues from absorbing environmental toxins. The probiotics in kombucha can prevent and heal digestive problems, such as heartburn, stomach ulcers, and leaky gut. They also kill candida yeast and keep it from spreading throughout the body.

One bottle of kombucha has only 30 calories and seven grams of carbs. It provides about 25 percent of the RDA of folic acid, 20 percent of the RDA of vitamin B3 and B12, and over one billion microorganisms that promote gut health. This naturally sweet beverage has no cholesterol or fats. Even if it's not a magic bullet, it can heal your body and prevent diseases, especially those caused by harmful bacteria and
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