Speech About Making Mistakes

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People of all ages, sizes, color, and different genders, do things routinely and correctly when they are working or maybe even when they are eating. Although, some people also make mistakes daily, we make them more often than not and sometimes they can be good things. We as people are only human, we all make mistakes and it is important to know that sometimes when we make mistakes, we can learn from them so we do not do them again, so we can make a better option, decision or choice when we do certain activities or things. We make mistakes so we can learn, and that is why it is okay for them to happen. I completely believe that making mistakes is the key to understanding and improving ourselves and society. A man named Lewis Thomas, who is a biologist, wrote about people and making mistakes. This man, Lewis Thomas, understood and believed that sometimes making certain mistakes or doing something incorrect, can cause problems, but it does provide others and the person who made the mistake not to do it again, it allows people to learn and to improve and make better choices and decisions in their life, so we can improve our society and us people, who live in it. When I was younger, I had decided that I did not want to do my homework that day, that day, I wanted to read a book and watch movies. When I went to school the next day, I regretted it immensely. Our teacher called home and I was so afraid of what would happen, it taught me that not doing your homework is a mistake and

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