Speech About My Grandmother

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My grandma was one of the most caring and selfless persons I knew. She was a survivor of breast cancer, but was later diagnosed with cancer in her liver because it had moved from her breast to her liver. The doctors told her she didn’t have much longer to live, and she realized that. Her death was very hard, mainly because it was the first one I ever experienced in my family. She passed away on July 7,2016. While the story leading up to her funeral was very confusing for me, there was a lot of important life things to remember. My mom was at a pool party with my sister and all her friends when we figured out my grandma was in the hospital. I was at home watching my brothers when my uncle called me. I knew something was wrong right away because my uncle never ever called me. He left a message saying to get back to him, but with everything that was going on with my grandma,I knew something was wrong and immediately tried to get a hold of my mom. I never called my uncle back because it just didn’t feel right to figure something out about my grandma before my mom. At that moment I actually did not know where my mom was, and told my brothers to get to bed and drove through town like a maniac. I finally decided to drive to my mom's friend house where I asked them to get my mom for me, trying not to cry. When my mom came up to me I handed her the phone to call her brother my uncle and he told her that Grandma was in the hospital and might not make it through the night. Right
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