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Plants provide nutritional factors to the human body. Fruits and vegetables are good for our health. But aside from eating or make it a dessert it is also the main source of drugs that is being use from the ancient times as herbal remedies for the health care, prevention and cure of various diseases and ailments. Use of various plants parts like its bark, flowers, fruit, seeds, roots, leaves or let’s say the whole plant as such for medical purpose is been a long tradition in different culture. Use of plants as a medicine is being used by the Filipino. Our ancestors used plants as their medicine when they get sick because that time no ready-made medicine is available so they need to use the parts of plants as cure for their illnesses. Plants…show more content…
Kamias is used as a folk remedy or cure for many symptoms. It is an attractive tree because it is very useful for the people. It’s life is long and it is a trophical tree because it is raised on a place with the controlled conditions. It is reaching from 5 up to 10 in height. It has a short trunk and a number of upright branches. Kamias is more sensitive to cold especially when very young because it is a trophical tree. It is a nutrition-packed starchy fruit that grows mostly on the trunk of all trees. It is rich source of Vitamin C. The fruit also consists of fiber, ash protein and mixture as well as minerals. It is used as antiscorbutic, astringent, post-partum protective medicine. It is used for the treatment of mumps, pimples, diabetes, itches, boils, rheumatism, syphilis, bilious colis, hypertension, stomach ache, aphthous ulcer and as a cooling…show more content…
Fruit of kamias have medical properties for the effective management of several human ailments. Different parts of the plants is used for various conditions. The fruit conserve is used as a treatment for coughs, and biliousness. Syrup prepared from the fruit is taken as a cure for fever. The leaves are applied as a paste or poultice on itches, swellings of mumps and rheumatism, and on skin eruption. They are applied on bites of poisonous creatures. In Malaysia, people there take the leaves fresh for fermented as a treatment for venereal disease. A leaf infusion is a remedy for coughs. The flower infusion is said to be effective against

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