Speech About The Life Of Immigrants

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The life of immigrants
Our future is made by all the obstacles we overcome throughout our lifetime.Some people may have had more obstacles to overcome than others yet they all have their mind set on pursuing their own American Dream. The American Dream may range from having the opportunity to expand their education to owning their own home. This dream is in the minds of both Americans and illegal immigrants. I interviewed three people: my aunt, my uncle, and a close friend. All three of them are immigrants from Mexico and they came to the United States at different times in their lives. From this interview, I clarified that all three of the people interviewed just wanted a better life for both themselves and their families, so that's why they came to America in hope of finding the American Dream. My first interviewee was my aunt, Monica Leon, who is a proud field worker who arrived in the U.S. in 2002. At age thirty-six, she hired a coyote to cross her and her two small children through the border using fake documents. Now a fifty-year-old woman, she feels that she has made the right choice by coming to the United States. When asked if she believed in the American Dream she stated, "no, it is impossible for me an immigrant to be able to afford a house and a new car, I only get paid ten dollars an hour. I'm worried about having enough money to be able to buy food for my family." However, she also stated, "Although I do not believe in the American Dream due to never
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