Speech About Tote Food

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We all have those family members or know someone who likes to “tote” food. Some of them know just how to go the extra mile and tote more than two or more plates of food and more than two drinks. According to, the meaning of “tote” is to carry on one’s back or in one’s arms or in one’s arms; to tote a bundle. The famous Bahamian singer Kirkland Bodie aka KB sings the song “Toters”. KB talks about how people came to his party to tote food and drinks, what we should do when we having a party and how they left him high and dry. I planned to have a party and have myself a ball I fix my house, clean my yard I even paint my wall Bahamian music jammin, the party goin great When somebody call out boy Come hurry check ya gate…show more content…
He then sang the chorus describing what toters do when they come to your party “when the toters come to your party, they will cause you plenty of stress cause before ya party a over you een ga have nuttin left… better hire security too”. When he suggested that we should hire securities at our parties, he thought that they could stop or prevent the toters from taking all the food. However, the toters are now more experienced as they are carrying plastic bags and foil in their bags and/or purses and back pockets. This reminds me of the time when I went to a party and a lady who sat at the table with me was talking about how she only came to eat a little bit to make it seem like she is not a toter. She then continued to talk about how you must pack the food and she even had her foil and the plastic bag on her plate. I was shocked to see that it has come that far to tote at parties. They took all of his food and drinks to the point that there was nothing even left at the bar. He expressed how tired and stressed he was because he had to find food and drinks for the other party guests but couldn’t as the toters only left the…show more content…
The artist then mentioned in the song how it also happens at wedding and funerals too. I do agree with Kb when he says “It’s the gospel truth”, as I have also seen people toting food at wedding, funerals and other events as well. I am going to admit that I myself am a toter but not one to go the extra mile and take everything and leave the place high and dry. In the song, he mentions how the woman asked if they have any more of what was at the party after she toted all the food. There are Bahamians who are just like the woman in the song and KB just reveals the truth about us Bahamians. Toters are a lot to deal with when it comes to having a party as they add more stress in worrying about enough food and drinks. Overall, it was a terrible party for him as he was up and down looking to see if there was anything left to give to the guest besides the ice that was left over; the toters took all. He knows for next him as he mentioned in the song “you better hire security too”, which I’m he did the next time he had a party. You cannot prevent Bahamians from toting as that will be the lunch and dinner for the next couple of days and don’t have to worry about cooking. That’s the time know they could be lazy for the next couple of
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