Speech About Uniforms

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Since the beginning of time, people have been wearing clothes. People likely use clothing as a way to express yourself. For some reason,many schools, usually middle school and down, don't allow student to wear anything besides a uniform. Everyone should have the right to wear what they want and what suits them who gives which allows them to express themselves in a way that everybody would be different career in minute ways. Clothing allows for personality to be shown with the several varieties of clothing options. Clothing is a way people express their personality and has a deeper meaning today. The freedom to dress however you aspire should be something everyone should have the right to do. This would allow them to express themselves just by their clothing. Plenty of people have seen a movie that shows everyone in uniform like “The Giver” which is a utopian society in which people wear uniforms to show where they work. This doesn't give anyone the freedom to choose what they want to wear, but instead, they are given instructions how they should dress; a dress code. Similarly, many students are required to wear uniforms at school or adult at work as well. For example, numerous middle and elementary schoolers are required to wear a certain color of shirt depending on their grade level leaving them incapacitated to wear what they please. With this in place, kids are left feeling bland in the way they dress. Being able to express yourself by clothing is a superior ways of doing so. There is an infinite amount of ways to do so and since everyone has a different style, almost no one will look the same. Even with the same clothes, everyone rocks them differently and in a unique way which is one of the nice things about being able to differentiate yourself from others. In high school, you usually will never see two students wearing the same outfit which is something nice since since everywhere you look, a new sight awaits.Each and every one of the students has the individuality which of something they shouldn't take for granted. The meaning of what the clothing on a person can also be unique. Some people don't intend for their clothing to have a meaning while others might. Many times your clothes speak out before
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