Speech : Abraham Lincoln And Elvis Presley?

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Do you know much about Abraham Lincoln and Elvis Presley? Well today I am going to talk about Abraham Lincoln and Elvis Presley. First I will talk about Abraham Lincoln then Elvis Presley. First thing is Lincoln was the sixteenth president. He was six foot four. He was born on February 12, 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky. His parents were Nancy Lincoln and Thomas Lincoln. both born in Virginia. But he grew up in Hardin county, Kentucky. He lived most of his live in Springfield, Kentucky were ‘ Air Bud ‘ was filmed. In his childhood he had to educate himself because he didn’t go to school. When he was eight his father was removed from Kentucky to Indiana. When his father was removed he had to make new friends and adjust. He had to grow up in Kentucky and Indiana.His mother died when he was 20 and his father died when he was 42. Lincoln did not go to College or high school but he still became part of the army, a lawyer for Illinois and later he became a president. Lincoln became part of the army when he was 23. He became part of the army on April 21, 1832, to help his country win the Black Hawk War. He was in the Illinois Militia when he joined. He was the caption of the Black Hawk War. He wasn’t in the army for long ( 3 months to be exact ) but he still helped keep us safe. After the army he decided that he wanted to become a lawyer for Illinois when he was 27, 4 years after the Black Hawk War. When he was a lawyer he was a whig party republican. He served

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