Speech : African American Communities About The Hypocrisy Of The Church

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Frederick Douglas wrote this speech to inform not just the African American communities about the hypocrisy of the church; he wanted to inform everyone on how prejudices Christians in the 19 centuries were towards black people. He wanted to enlighten the African Americans who follow Christianism blindly and don’t even realize that were being treated as if they were leapers. While the motto of the church is that everyone is equal in the place of worship and “love thy neighbor” is Jesus message to his followers. I think Frederic was trying to both inform and persuade the population about how religion played a huge factor in slavery or even was the cause of it. Religion, the church to be exact was really prejudiced toward the African American people and now they are the most loyal followers. To not believe in Jesus in black family is to be the devil child and be an outcast. I know this because now that I am learning the truth about religion Christianism I am having my doubts and questions. If I was in the audience during the time of the speech I would have been on his side and I would have look at the church differently.
In his speech Frederick talk about how the white people of the 19th century were prejudiced against the black people of America. Black people were never equal not even in the place of worship. Which was very ironic, the church is all about equality. Frederic talked about going to a church and whites and black were separate, whites were inside and the black were
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