Speech Against Hate Speech

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Modern society has grown to be more and more friendly since the last Black Revolution. During those dark ages, society has become unacceptably unwelcoming and prejudice. The belief of white supremacy has morally corrupted our generation and has set an extremely bad example to the younger demographic. Therefore, we must tighten our belts and revise our laws in order to eradicate as much violence demonstrated to our younglings as possible as we cannot afford to have another revolution happen again. I believe that we must seek for a solution that will not only resolve the hate towards any race, but hatred towards anything in general. This includes the obscene controversy of gender equality, gender identity, religion, and extreme feminism where hate prominently decorates the argumentative topics. This solution will prevent anyone from forwarding any criticism to any person, as criticism is the birth of hate speech itself. If this solution is strictly followed, then we may be able to prevent any uproars that may occur on Earth for a seemingly interminable time. If this plan is carried out successfully, then it will save many lives from all over the country. This is because bullying and other types of assault, whether verbal or nonverbal derives from hostile relationships in general. These phenomenons rip away hundreds of lives from families each year. Therefore, it is sincerely urgent that we should consider the solution that I honestly propose. I humbly submit to you the suggestion of banning any form of hate or hatred from ever occurring in the first place. This will prevent complications from stirring up and damaging the sanity of everyone who had witnessed this act of evil. For instance, the usage of cell phones should be suspended in public as it is the most efficient device for spreading lies and gossip. For those who require the basic functions of the phone necessary for staying in contact, an alternative should be provided. The person who is requesting the usage of such an electronic device shall go directly down to a specialized waiting room for sending calls or letters via landline or telegram. This way the messages sent can be easily monitored and accessed by the government for private use. The step back
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