Speech Against Procrastination

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The Five Syllables of Despair What do SpongeBob Squarepants, Joey Tribbiani, my theatre teacher, high school students, and many parents have in common? No, it抯 not that they all have Golgi bodies and retinas. Let me give you a hint. They put off 憈ill tomorrow what they should do today... get my drift? About right now, Joey is late for an audition, Spongebob is writing an essay due in five minutes, my theatre teacher is dilly dallying on who to cast for the upcoming show, high school students are too tired to do anything and parents are putting off their morning meetings until the afternoon! And do you know what causes all this chaos? Just five syllables: PROCRASTINATION. From the 慖抣l do it later?excuse to the 慉w man, I can抰 believe I put…show more content…
You just realized this and you start to get going on the project. You open Microsoft Word, put your name and period on the top right hand corner, change the date to the day the essay was assigned and think up a title for the essay. Suddenly, someone calls your cell phone. Your obnoxious ring tone blasts throughout the house and embarrassed, you quickly pick up. It抯 your friend from AP Music Theory telling you to look up this hilarious music video online. Now distracted from your intended goal, you search the music video. You find out that it抯 only three PM and you have enough time to watch a couple other videos. You glance at your incomplete essay, but you have a feeling you can finish it later. You watch a couple more hilarious videos and then glance at the clock again?SEVEN PM. You feel really tired from all the video watching and decide to have dinner. Pretty soon, you are drenched with homework and the essay is due tomorrow! The last minute has arrived! You BS your essay so you can study for the AP Music Theory final exam. You realize that you can get away with procrastinating. The final week of school comes around and you get called over by your teacher about your essay. Uh-oh. You received a *dun-dun-dun* D+. The scholarship you applied to denied your acceptance because you had to maintain a B average. All this happened because you procrastinated. On a larger scale, procrastination can lead to
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