Speech Analysis : National Rifle Association Annual Meeting

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Speech Analysis Assignment
National Rifles Association Annual Meeting
In the video I watched the National Rifles Association (NRA) President Jim Porter addresses the crowd at the April 11th 2015 NRA Members’ meeting, in Nashville, Tennessee. Porter was elected as first vice president of the NRA Board of Directors. He had previously served as second vice president and president of the NRA Foundation Board of Trustees. As the outgoing NRA President, Porter discusses his pride in the organization and its members. And he promises that, together, they 'll make the difference in 2016.
At the beginning of the video the audience members were standing up while applauding and Porter was wiping tears from his eyes with a handkerchief. Porter begins his speech with a statement about his Dad. “I have to admit, I do wish my Dad was here. I know he’d be proud of me, but he would be so proud of the NRA today — and so proud of the difference you made in last year’s elections” Porter started with the unexpected opening lines that makes the audience lean in, lend an ear, and wonder where the speaker will take them. He makes it about them.
According to O’Hair’s analyze the audience is one of the most important psychological principles you can learn as a speaker is that the audience members and the people in general tend to evaluate information in terms of their own-rather than the speaker’s-point of view(77) . Porter’s strong open set up the audience for what they 're about to hear and…
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