Speech Analysis : Speech From Public Speaking Course

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Final Speech: Speech Analysis

Throughout the public speaking course, I 've learned a variety of methods and strategies that have strengthened the effectiveness of my last speech or any speech, that may occur in the near distant future. It was important to understand the elements that were effective and ineffective to avoid making the same mistakes and to have a clear understanding where I may have fallen short in the past and could improve in the future of public speaking. When constructing the persuasive speech, it was important to use the rhetorical methods such as the a few of the 5 canons of Rhetoric as well as a few communication strategies, these tips have definitely improved my persuasive speech effectiveness.

In addition to class lectures as well as following along with the textbook I had collected tons of detailed information about the 5 canons of rhetoric, such as each canon is an individual category with a list of methods that could help improve any speech when the methods are used correctly. The first category, Invention I had used notes from class that suggested that my topic of my speeches should always be something that mattered to me as well as matter to my audience. The First cannon had defiantly been a large part creating my speeches, When selecting a topic it was more enjoyable creating my outlines as well as delivering my speech. A great example would be my persuasion speech, I had chosen to write about convincing people to become organ donors. This…
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