Speech Analysis : ' The Apology '

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The speech title is deceiving to the eye, this speech isn’t even an apology, and it’s more of defense speech. Socrates uses the speech to defend his accusations against him. In the story, “The Apology” Socrates is on trial for accusation like, “corrupting the youth” and “impiety.” Through this following essay, According the following: what Socrates means of knowledge or wisdom and why he thought that knowledge/wisdom was the best means of happiness and perfecting the soul, what kind of knowledge is the best, how did he react to the oracle, and what we thought about his accusations in the court and if we think he deserved his punishment.
First of all, Socrates defines knowledge as, acknowledging the limits of one’s own knowledge. In “the Apology,” Socrates defines it as, “I know that I know nothing.” When he was questioning the politicians, he found out they were very wise, but they didn’t know much of anything. After them he questioned the poets and the poets seemed to be incapable of explaining their well-known works. Socrates came to the conclusion that their intellect didn’t come from their wisdom, but from their instinct or inspiration which is no way connected to their intellect. Several bystanders take Socrates to be an expert in the fields, in which he questions others, he denies of any expertise, and interprets the oracle as saying that the wisest of men are men like Socrates who humbly accept that their wisdom is deficient. He claimed he was wise, in the limited
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