Speech At Maharishi University Of Management And Bill Gates

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A commencement speech is a speech given to graduating students to congratulate them on earning their degree and used to give them a few words of advice before they go. However, commencement speeches do not always have the same message. The speeches will vary between speakers and I will analyze two commencement speeches and show how different they can be from one another. These speeches are: Jim Carrey’s speech hosted at Maharishi University of Management and Bill Gates speech hosted at the University of Harvard. The differences analyzed between the speeches will be the general topic, how the topic is delivered, how the text appeals to values and emotions, how the topics are made credible, and the evidence behind the claims. Jim Carrey and…show more content…
Carrey is humorous on his approach and his delivery keeps people on the edge of their seats as they await what he has to say next. In contrast, Gates is focused on a very serious approach to his speech, showing heart wrenching examples to sell his point. Carrey had the audience laughing the entire speech with jokes in reference to flashing breasts for Mardi Gras, and gags famous in his old skits. However, the delivery from Gates was on the other end of the spectrum. He used examples of hardship and statistics to cause sorrow towards people who are less fortunate causing guilt in the crowd for not doing more. Both speakers utilize expected characteristics in their speeches, as Gates and Carrey are from different background, both use a contrasting style of delivery to the audience. Value and emotion are key parts to any speech and how they are delivered is what sells the speaker’s topic. Both Gates and Carrey understand this and use different techniques to create different emotion and value within the audience. Carrey’s speech mostly caused laughter and connectedness toward the audience, while Gates’ speech affected thought-provoking and sorrow from the graduates, as previously stated. The emotion of both speakers, although different, help reflect value from the graduates to their respective points, as different emotions will perceive different ideals and thoughts from the graduates. The point being that Carrey will create a warming tone as opposed to

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