Speech At Maharishi University Of Management And Bill Gates

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A commencement speech is a speech given to graduating students to congratulate them on earning their degree and used to give them a few words of advice before they go. However, commencement speeches do not always have the same message. The speeches will vary between speakers and I will analyze two commencement speeches and show how different they can be from one another. These speeches are: Jim Carrey’s speech hosted at Maharishi University of Management and Bill Gates speech hosted at the University of Harvard. The differences analyzed between the speeches will be the general topic, how the topic is delivered, how the text appeals to values and emotions, how the topics are made credible, and the evidence behind the claims. Jim Carrey and Bill Gates were bred from different worlds. Carrey is a comedian, while Gates is an entrepreneur. Their backgrounds reflect on the topic of their commencement speeches. Carrey favored the relationship of love and fear, while also giving practical advice; while Gates related his experiences to try and convince people to try and change the world, through examples of turmoil. Overall, Carrey focuses on the realization that keeping people who are the closest to your heart is all that matters, while Gates says that helping people in need is the greatest thing you can do. Carrey’s point is proven when he mentions that making people enjoy life as much as his dad did has always been his greatest goal; while Gates topic is proven when he tells the
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