Speech At The Colleges Is Endangered

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A trigger warning is a statement at the start of a piece of writing, video, etc. that is used for alerting the reader or viewer to the fact that it contains potentially distressing material. Triggers can affect anyone of any gender, race, or age at anytime. There has been much talk that free speech at the colleges is endangered. I think that colleges should acknowledge known trigger warnings when applicable and educate the students and factuality to reduce mental illnesses that are accompanied with trigger warnings and to ensure that students feel safe and comfortable at school.
The brain has four major lobes in the cerebral cortex that allow us to do things like think, talk, eat, walk etc. The temporal lobe is located beneath the lateral fissure on both cerebral hemispheres. The temporal lobe is involved with visual memories, language comprehension, and emotion association. When we hear things its because were using our temporal lobe. People have reaction’s to a trigger words because, it cue’s a psychological response in the brain, like the same way nuts may trigger an allergic reaction. The exact brain functioning behind triggers is not yet fully understood although, sensory memory is an extremely power thing. An example of sensory memory is when someone looks at something and can remember what it looked like with only a few seconds of observation. When you break a bone you can physically see with your eyes something isn’t right, mental health issues are invisible to sight…
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