Speech Censorship

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Free Speech Regulations With The Use Of Censorship The use of censorship when it comes to free speech is extremely present in today’s society. However, freedom of speech has caused vast problems in our history’s past. Censorship has helped regulate free speech, acting as a barrier to various societies that make up the American culture. Hate speech has created various stereotypes which lead to violence, hence censorship should be implemented in order to prevent these issues, whether on campuses, in the media or even in religious settings. Throughout this essay, I will be focusing on various topics regarding how censorship can prevent hate speech towards communities that coincide with violence within the American society and explore different ways to respond when hate speech is directed towards a community. In America’s past history, the offensive speech that was present in classic literature, as well as films containing controversial content, making them socially unacceptable or racist in today’s society. I believe the use of censorship should be implemented in current literature, films and amongst the media, which can prevent hate speech and racial slurs. However, I believe that literature or films shouldn’t be revised or have present censorship applied as it acts a representation of what the cultural atmosphere was during that specific time of publication. I consider the unedited original version a glimpse into the past. Further, I believe that these controversial
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