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The White Witch James Weldon Johnson

O BROTHERS mine, take care! Take care!
The great white witch rides out to-night.
Trust not your prowess nor your strength,
Your only safety lies in flight;
For in her glance there is a snare,
And in her smile there is a blight. The great white witch you have not seen?
Then, younger brothers mine, forsooth,
Like nursery children you have looked
For ancient hag and snaggle-tooth;
But no, not so; the witch appears
In all the glowing charms of youth. Her lips are like carnations, red,
Her face like new-born lilies, fair,
Her eyes like ocean waters, blue,
She moves with subtle grace and air,
And all about her head there floats
The golden glory of her hair. But though she always thus appears
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When everyday is a step in the unknown,
The days are long with gathering of experience.
The school was fresh, it was new.

That young seed, on a high mountain it was planted and grew.
Of course it wasn't easy. He was so little, so minute.
Neither the trees, nor any creatures paid attention to it.
But it has to survive the constant battle between the strong and the weak.

As the clock of life slowly ticks, the little seed gradually became a dainty plant.
Its frail stem struggled to stand strong.
It takes whatever the weather brings.
If it has any choice at all, it is in putting down its roots as deeply as it possibly can.
This was the image of MCSHS as it strived amidst every obstruction.
The forces of nature conspired to bring forth a legend.

Its former abode was rather peasant:
The students had their classes
At the barren lobby of the Mandaue City Comprehensive National High School
Just then, news came to our ears and everyone was eager to hear,
The once seedling is now anchoring roots in Opao, Mandaue City.

The school has been constantly bombarded with ordeals that tested its strength through time.
Still, it bloomed and reaped fruits of labor.
It has been steadfast in living the dream.

It has earned recognition for being one of the top schools in Mandaue City
For it offers nothing less than high-class quality education.
It has aced numerous competitions nationwide.

The drive to outstand was fueled as we bring home medals from brain-whacking challenges.
Such as the
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