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VIII. Closing of Lesson: She closed the lesson with giving them time to practice the interpersonal section for their test She was able to walk around the class and give them ideas for making questions which will be the hardest part for them. I like that she gave her students time to practice the speaking section because that is the section they struggle with. As soon after observing the lesson as possible, add additional questions and comments next to your notes. This will help direct discussion in your small groups. After your observations, answer these prompts: Briefly summarize what you think the teacher was trying to accomplish in the lesson (see II above). How did the teacher communicate this to the students? I…show more content…
They watching a short clip on a soccer game and took notes. Afterwards, they talked to their partners asking questions and responding. This is exactly what they will be doing for the test, so it is perfect review for the exam. Find and review the school or district unit guide (aka curriculum map) for the subject and grade level of the class you just observed. This might be on the school/district website or you can ask your cooperating teacher for a copy. (Note: schools are at all different stages in terms of aligning their instruction to national standards so you might not find a curriculum map that matches your class). What national standards (such as Common Core, or Next Generation Science standards) was the teacher using to help guide the lesson? My cooperating teacher used American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). What learning targets (often referred to as “I [student] can” statements), if any, does the curriculum guide identify were used in the lesson you observed. I can talk about sports. I can describe a sports uniform. I can identify colors. I can conjugate present tense e-ie verbs. I can conjugate present tense u-ue verbs. I can use the verbs aburrir, interesar and gustar. How does the lesson you observed relate to the curriculum map? That is, could you see a connection between the map and the instruction? Explain. At the end of each unit the
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