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Attention getter: Have you watched the news lately? Even if you haven’t, you still probably have heard something about the disputes in and around Jerusalem. These disputes have been going on for centuries. Many different groups of people have fought to control Jerusalem over the years but we are going to focus on the current majority parties from today. From the information I found on and the Jerusalem Post, I concluded that the Israelis and the Palestinians are currently fighting over who should control Jerusalem and how it should be run. The major problems between these to groups started in 1948 when the British Mandate partitioned Palestine into separate Muslim and Jewish states. Now, Palestine is majority Muslim while Israel …show more content…
Neither side likes the other’s views so they resort to arms to try and solve their differences.

Thesis: There is a long lasting dispute over Jerusalem which has caused violence between two very different religious groups.

AA: It is important that you all get some knowledge on this situation because it’s been going on too long. According to Margot Dudkevitch of the Jerusalem post, "Barbaric bloodshed has plagued Jerusalem long enough. From this year alone, 205 people have died as a result of fighting in or around Jerusalem." If more people are educated then maybe someone will be able to solve the problem.

Preview: I’m going to show you the possibility of why we should leave Israel in control of Jerusalem and Husein will show you alternative possibilities.

Roadmap: I’m going to explain why Israel should control Jerusalem by giving examples of the positive things that will and have been happening in Jerusalem since they came in control in 1948.

I     Israelis should remain in control of Jerusalem.
A.     New York Times columnist William Safire quoted Ariel Sharon as saying, "It [Jerusalem] belongs to the world’s Jews, and the Israelis are its custodians."
1.     In other words, the bible even says that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews.
B.     Obviously the Israelis should be entitled to the land because

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