Speech Critique: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

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Self-Critique of a Speech: Strawberry Banana Smoothie Speech I gave a speech about making a strawberry-banana smoothie. Overall, I feel as if I did a good job on this speech. It was an informative speech. Therefore, my goal was to teach people how to make a strawberry-banana smoothie. I feel like any person who saw the speech and the related demonstration would have been able to make a strawberry-banana smoothie. In addition, I feel like I kept the speech simple, so that someone could replicate the process at home without having to refer to notes or any written materials. My peer critiques agree with my self-assessment that the speech was good, overall, but highlighted an area for improvement. My speech was characterized by three overall strengths. The first strength is that I was fluent and used good hand gestures to help explain my meaning for the audience. The second strength was that I spoke for the audience, using an animated voice that was not monotonous. The third strength was that I engaged the audience by using good eye contact. Combined together, these three strengths helped establish a relationship between me and the audience so that I felt as if I was actually teaching them a skill, not simply giving a presentation to a disinterested group. However, I was very nervous giving the speech. This is a weakness that I noticed and that was mentioned by the peer evaluators. The most obvious sign of my nervousness was my repetitive use of the space-filler "mmmm"

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