Speech Disorders Research Paper

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speech disorders
Research Paper

There are many times in everyday life that there is miscommunication in delivering a message to others; at one point or another, miscommunication will happen to everyone. Often the miscommunication is out of one’s control there is simply a misunderstanding of the intended message. Speech disorders are a type of communication disorders where 'normal' speech is disrupted. A problem within society is the belief that speech disorders have a simple explanation as to why it exists. While it is difficult to accurately pinpoint the explanation of why speech disorders exists, this paper will shed some light onto what is considered to be a speech disorders, how they are developed, and some of the
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Many authors have shown that an early language delay can be related to later speech difficulties. (Broomfield & Dodd, 2004).Young adults who experience frequent ear infections when they were young are at risk for speech sound disorders if the ear infections were accompanied by hearing loss. Ear infections may explain in part some of the medical reasons this speech disorder occurs, but there may be an assortment of causes that leads someone to have a speech disorder.
Many speech sound disorders occur without a known cause. A child may not learn how to produce sounds correctly or may not learn the rules of speech sounds on his or her own. These children may have a problem with speech development, which does not always mean that they will simply outgrow it by themselves. Many children do develop speech sounds over time but those who do not often need help to learn correct speech sounds.("Speech Sound Disorders: Causes and Number," 2009) Both children and adults can have speech disorders. According to Huaqing Qi, this can be due to the fact that children with speech and language disorders may have trouble communicating with their peers while playing or solving problem. Adults can also have speech sound disorders. Some adults continue to have problems from childhood, while others may develop speech problems after a stroke or injury. Apraxia of speech is a motor speech disorder; it is
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