Speech : ' Doctor Tim ! '

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Ch 7 "Doctor Tim! Wake up!" I am awaked by Kat 's voice. Then my memory starting to come back to me. "I was attacked by Mr. Ma! He took little Mary away! We need to find him now! Everything is planned. I don 't know who plan it, but we will know what is going on once we found Mr. Ma." I grab Kat 's shoulders, "I know it sounds crazy, but you have to trust me! I saw him yesterday at the ER room." "This do sounds crazy, and I really want to trust you. But doctor, Mary was still in the ER room few minutes ago." Kat looks at me with worry, " Did you get enough sleep doctor?" "I am being serious! Hold on, what do you mean by few minutes ago?" I ask despairingly. "Mary passed away today morning doctor. I am very sorry. The reason I came to your office is trying to tell you that." I look around. I am in my office now, not on the floor of the ER room. How can that be? It 's my dream? No, it can 't be. It is too real to be a dream. I can still feel the pain on my nick. So he moved me after I passed out. I shouldn 't tell Kat about that. This is a very bad move. Now people might think I am going crazy and no matter what I say, they will not trust me anymore. I need to prove this creature exist and show it to them. But where can I find them? "Doctor? Are you alright?" Kat waves her hand in front of me. "Yeah. Sorry, I was thinking about something." "I am very sorry doctor, but there is a bad new." Kat turns her head away from me. "What is it?" I ask. It can 't be worse
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