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Speech on Divorced Families
BSHS 371
July 10, 2013
Reina Menashe

Speech on Divorced Families
In the five minutes that I have the pleasure to speak with you every 13 seconds of those five minutes a divorce will occur. At the end of today there will be a total of 6,646 divorces and in one week there will be a total of 46, 523 divorces (Portnoy, 2008). I am here today to be the voice of the children whose parents are divorced and transform the children’s lives but I cannot do this alone and I will need your help.
Today we will be discussing the issues, obstacles, strengths of children whose parents got divorced, challenges, and concerns. The issues and obstacles are simple 50 percentof all marriages end in divorce and 40 percent of
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The concerns are that 43 percent of children growing up in America are being raised without a father, and 28 percent of children living with a divorced parent live in a household with an income below the poverty line (Lindsay, Lansdale, Cherlin, & Kiernan, 1995). The most dangerous concern is that half of all American children will witness the breakup of a parent’s marriage. Of these children, close to half will also see the breakup of a parent’s second marriage (DeWinter, Ormel, Olde, Veenstra, & Verlholst, 2008).
To this devastating dilemma the solution is to create programs within our communities that will provide counseling for parents and child, provide community resources, partner a child with a mentor in the community, after school programs free to the parent, and provide programs that meet the needs of this population. Without these programs we fail our children who are in need of our help.
Now, is the time for change and it start with you by providing the funding to counsel the parent and child, provide resources, partner a child with a mentor, and provide programs that will assist the child in his or her unique needs. You could be the voice of a young child who has been devastated by the families divorce. Why wait for these children to have an addiction problem, in jail, socially maladjusted, lead a life of low self-esteem, or broken if you act now we can reach the child

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