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Speech –
First Slide -
Intro today we are talking about Telstra this is the team…………..
Second slide - Overview
This is an overview of some of the topics we will discuss today. The history, products and services, Key issues, Organizational chart, stock market, solvency. and of course a few references.,
Third Slide - Past
Question 1: Now hands up who has a mobile phone?
Question 2: Now hands up if you are with Telstra. Fact about Telstra is that it is the largest telecommunication and Media Company according to the Telstra story.
Telecom started way back in the 1900s and was founded by the commonwealth government and was originated with Australia post,
1901 the government decided to manage all domestic, telegraph and postal services and in 1946 they established overseas communication. Now that was a huge time as you could imagine residents went from writing letters to being able to speak directly with someone
Telecom was progressing quickly and promptly and that is when in 1995 the name changed from telecom to Telstra as we all know of today.
The first harmonic telephone its self was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.
Fourth Slide - Present
Moving on to where we currently are today and as most of you are already aware Australia has an excessive amount of technology and resources available and by looking at everyone’s phones we all have a smart device there is no massive brick phones on tables or the good old Nokia we all used to have! Telstra wanted to be better…
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