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For this final paper a lot of thought went into which topic I wanted this to be based on. In the end I have picked the topic of being hearing impaired, so this will cover being deaf and hard of hearing. I chose this for a few reasons but the biggest one is having a personal connection to it since I am hard of hearing myself. Even though I know a lot about this topic already I always have believed there is more to find out about any given topic even if you think you are an expert. In this paper I want to cover what being hearing impaired means, what kinds of languages they can use, what struggles hearing impaired students deal with, what schooling options there are, and what kind of accommodations there are for these kids. In the end I hope to wrap it all up with helpful links to help you answer any other questions you may have about raising a child with this disability.
The term hearing impairment is the umbrella that all degrees of hearing loss fall under, from profound to moderate hearing loss. When you dig down deeper into what other terms there are deafness and hard of hearing are the two biggest ones in this category. Deafness is not being able to hear and is so profound that a person cannot process any sounds without the help of amplification devices in some cases. Hard of hearing is a term used to describe a type of hearing loss that is less severe than deafness and can understand spoken language with and sometimes without hearing aids. Hearing impairments can happen…
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