Speech In Malcolm X's Ballot Or The Bullet

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The civil rights era as a result of cultural forces and political awakenings created bold speakers. Many of these orators were audacious in their speeches, however few came close to Malcolm X. Malcolm X carried a fearless attitude presenting speeches that have been etched into American History, one the of the most iconic of these speeches was “Ballot or the Bullet” . It embodies ideas of self determination coupled with an intense call to action. The “Ballot or the Bullet” is a great speech because it skillfully straddles the line between inciting violence and inspiring change. The “Ballot or the Bullet” is capable of leaving a lasting impact due to its inflammatory statements. Malcolm X uses these statements carefully throughout the speech to grab the audience's attention when he is attempting to convey important statements. Malcolm X starts the speech with a description of the difficult choice that African Americans are facing. He states controversially at the top of the speech, “ The Negro Revolt, and Where Do We Go From Here ... it points toward either the ballot or the bullet” (X) .His description of the Civil Rights movement as a “Negro Revolt” was contentious due to violent undertones however, it manages to hook the reader and steer the argument the way Malcolm X desires. Therefore, through controversy Malcolm X accomplishes two goals, first shocking than progressing society. By shocking society Malcolm X hopes to create change. He does this through reckless actions, as described by him in Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention, “The greatest compliment anyone can pay me is to say I’m irresponsible”. Malcolm X understands that playing…show more content…
Malcolm X frequently resolves to using call to action statements such as “its time in 1964 to wake up” (X). This makes his speech lack tangible impact take for example Harold Cruse’s viewpoint on Malcolm
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