Speech In The Kite Runner

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Let’s say someone, who has a fear of public speaking, have to give a big speech to a stadium full of people. If this person gathers up their courage and goes out there they could either feel prideful for conquering their fear or humiliated that they messed up on a couple of words. This is similar to Amir from The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. In The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini shows how Amir’s behavior and thoughts on his culture change drastically as he grows older. In Afghanistan Pashtunwali, a code that many Afghans follow, is something that is ingrained in the the people of Afghanistan that they even expect their children to follow it. Amir is revealed to a population of people who are filled with courage and pride. Through Amir, Hosseini shows how children are constantly surrounded by other courageous and prideful people, which subtly teaches them how to be courageous and prideful. Although as a child Amir has been put down for the lack of courage, it is possible for a child like Amir to gain courage as they grow older. Courage, or the strength to confront one’s fear, is a supported by many people of Afghanistan. For instance, when Amir was little, Baba told Rahim that “‘there’s something missing in [... Amir]’” (Hosseini 22), that Amir wouldn’t “‘stand up for himself’”(Hosseini 22). Baba even stated that “‘[Baba] wasn’t like that at all’” (Hosseini 22) when Baba was little, this shows how parents try to ingrain in their children that they should stand up for
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