Speech : Increasing Communicative Competence

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The Use of Emoticons to Increase Communicative Competence in Non-Fluent Aphasics.
Amberlynn Fenner
Loyola University Maryland

The Use of Emoticons to Increase Communicative Competence for People with Aphasia.
Language is an essential component of life that drives human interaction and facilitates social connections (Brown, Davidson, Worrall & Howe, 2013). Belongingness, a theory postulated by Hsieh and Tseng (2017), asserts that individuals are motivated to foster social relationships to experience a sense of connection to a social group. Studies showed that among people with aphasia
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Alternative communication technologies are continually being explored to develop new approaches to target improved communication for PWA (Chapey et al., 2000). However, most of these methods focus on functional communication while efforts to improve the subtleties of language such as emotional self-expression or humor are incidental.
There is a need for aphasia research to address a broader range of concerns related to PWA’s ability to express themselves in the social realm (Chapey et al., 2000). Improving expression may also help them recapture their individual personalities -- to be able to say how they feel and what they think. A more comprehensive approach to AAC may also facilitate increased self-confidence and faith in the restorative, healing process.
Careful analyses of emoticons and their role in computer-mediated communication (CMC) such as social media or texting applications may facilitate the development of direct intervention founded on AAC principles to assist PWA in improving their social presence and communicative competence.
Studies of emoticons and their role in communication suggest they could help PWA to improve their social connectedness by providing a mechanism to express personal sentiments and subtleties of language in addition to or in the absence of written text. Emoticons have been shown to clarify and amplify the subtext of a message (Novak, Smailovic, Sluban, & Mozetic, 2015). In addition, people of different

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