Speech : Invention And Organization

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Invention and Organization
Debra Burns
May 3, 2016
Grantham University

Invention and Organization
Part I: Topic Search
1. What issue or problem would you like to write about?
Should an 18 year olds be allowed to purchase alcohol?
2. Choose a side. What is your view on the issue? What is the opposing view?
Some might say that they should not be able to purchase alcohol, but I feel that they should be allowed to do so. For one because of drunk driving. For another because of binge drinking and alcohol poisoning. Lastly because of alcohol being associate with violent behavior.
3. What specific change might fix this issue?
The specific changes that can fix this issue is to make them legal to drink at that age for simple reasons to cut down drunk driving as to being blight on our civilization with the average being very high on individuals that die each year due to driving drunk relating to death. Another reason to cut down on the prevalence of binge drinking especially on college campuses. The final reason is make alcohol legal for 18 years old to cut down on violent and destructive behavior.

Part II: The outline
I. Introductory Paragraph
a. Over the years the controversial question of should drinking age be lowered back to 18 have been constantly tossed around.
b. When it comes to 18 year olds being able to purchase alcohol is not the best thought out decision of making it an ok thing to do. This is only a setup for disaster as to them
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